inBUS aims to better integrate international students into the Loyola community.   



  • Often making the transition to the U.S. from another country can be overwhelming and intimidating to students. By bringing together current Loyola students with incoming internationals, we hope to create long lasting friendships and support systems that are of mutual benefit to the students.
  • Joining inBUS is a great way to meet new people, learn about different cultures and possibly practice a foreign language!
  • Our events are planned to give students an opportunity to experience something important to our city, region and culture as Americans. We have gone on Swamp Tours, attended Mardi Gras and St. Patrick's Day parades as well as planned group dinners and BBQ's in previous semesters.


What exactly is inBUS?

The inBUS program matches up small groups of current Loyola students and new international students.

  • In your group you will have the opportunity to make friends while also exploring New Orleans and Louisiana.
  • Each month inBUS typically plans a large event, such as a swamp tour, and a small event, such as a movie.
  • You can also plan your own social events with other people in your small group, such as going out to eat or going for a walk in Audubon Park.

How do I join inBUS?

All new international students are automatically inBUS members for their first semester.

If you are a current Loyola student:

  • You can apply to be an inBUS member by filling out the inBUS application. Your application will be reviewed and you will then be notified whether you have been selected.
  • Each inBUS group will have one advisory board member. You can apply to serve on the advisory board by filling out the inBUS application. The advisory board meets once a month to plan the inBUS activities. Advisory board members also help to coordinate and plan activities within their small group.

I am a current Loyola student. What am I committing to by joining inBUS? 

Joining inBUS is a one semester commitment. You must reapply each semester to remain active in the group and ensure that you are matched with a group of international and Loyola students.

Before the semester starts, you will participate in a short training to understand how you can best help international students adjust to being here at Loyola and in the U.S.

During the semester, you are committing to do at least two activities each month with your small group. These activities can be the ones organized by inBUS or activities that you organize on your own.

Each small group will have one advisory board member, who will meet once a month with representatives from each of the other groups to plan the larger monthly activities. Advisory board members also help to coordinate and plan activities within their small groups.


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Calendar of Activities - Fall 2015

(The final calendar of activities with dates and times is determined at the beginning of each semester)


  • International Student Orientation - August 20-21
  • Center for International Education Welcome Reception - August 27
  • inBUS Welcome Lunch - September 3


  • Fall Kick-Off Activity, Streetcar City Tour and LA Seafood Festival at City Park - September 5
  • We Live to Eat Restaurant Week - September 14-20
  • Moonlight Movies: The Wiz at Palmer Park - September 26


  • Art for Arts' Sake - October 3
  • Swamp Tour - October 17
  • Crescent City Blues & BBQ Festival - October 16-18
  • VooDoo Music Festival - October 30 - November 1
  • Halloween - October 31


  • Audubon Aquarium of the Americas - November 7
  • Gumbo Fest - November 14-15
  • Thanksgiving Dinner @ CIE - November 18


  • Celebration in The Oaks - December 5
  • Holiday Goodbye Party - December 11


Calendar of Activities - Spring 2016

(The final calendar of activities with dates and times will be determined at the beginning of the semester)


  • inBUS Welcome Party - January 21 
  • Krewe du Vieux - Jan 23
  • King Cake Tasting - Jan 29


  • Mardi Gras!
  • International Potluck Dinner - February 28


  • World War II Museum - March 5
  • St. Patrick's Day Parade - March 12


  • Crawfish Boil at Audubon Park - April 3
  • French Quarter Festical - April 7-10
  • Jazz Fest - April 22-May 1


  • Plantation Tour - May 7 
  • Going Away Party - May 13


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