Country Fair Tabling

Steps to Hosting a Great Table at the Country Fair!















Step 1: APPLY


Step 3: FOOD

Step 4: MUSIC


Step 6: CLEAN UP




Step 1. Apply online. You can also come to the CIE Office Mercy 301 to get more information and an application for the Country Fair.

Step 2. Gather materials to set up your table at the Fair. Following is a chart that illustrates the requirements, suggested materials and a sample Country Fair table. 

SETTING UP at the fair:

The Fair will be held in the Peace Quad (rain location: St Charles Room) on Friday, November 9, from 3:30 PM to 5:00 PM. The rental company will deliver the tables on Friday morning. You can start setting up as early as 1:00 PM. However, we ask that you finish setting up your table no later than 3:15 PM. (Many students will come to the Fair directly from class, so we need to be ready before they arrive.) Your table will have a sign with your country’s name. You should set up there.

Required Material Suggested Material Sample Country Fair table:      Trinidad & Tobago
Provide accurate information of the country you are representing
  • Provide information and facts that are unique to your country.
  • Facts and ideas that others do not usually know about your country.
Although Trinidad's official language is English, they were once a spanish colony and were named Trinidad y Tobago by Christopher Columbus. Thus, they used to speak Spanish.
Reperesent the cultural heritage of your country and illustrate it with images or objects
  • Have an attractive banner to organize your country's facts and images.
  • Provide color images and or sample traditional objects.
  • Decorate board with pictures, bring carnival headress, Trini slang and the american equivalent and a Flag.
  • Provide Trini magazines to look through and play a carnival video on a laptop at your table.
  • Dress in the colors of the Trinidad flag.
If you provide food, it will be reimbursed up to a certain amount (the amount depends on the year).
  • Provide samples of food.  This contact info will be provided once you apply for the country fair. Try to spend time explaining your food and how it is related to your country's heritage.
  • Food: curry potato and curry chicken & Paratha.
Music or Games
  • Since there will be live entertainment, it may be difficult for people to hear music that you play at your table, but you can send music to the DJ to play for you.
  • Games or trivia area  great way of getting people to engage with you and learn about the country!
  • Have people try to guess things about Carnival in Trinidad.
  • Send popular Trini songs to the DJ.
Have a positive attitude towards the event and work with others Try to engage students with activities or games so that they can learn more about your country.   The students from Trinidad & Tobago gathered to create a successful table. If you are the only student from your country, try to get friends to help you or people who have studied abroad in that location. Ask CIE if you need help finding people for your table.


If you will be providing food at your table, remember that we will provide you with aluminum pans, cups, plates, napkins,sterno burners (will keep food warm, but will not heat up food that is cold), utensils, etc., so you don't need to buy these items. If you will be serving hot food and you have requested a chafing warmer, it will be set up on your table beforehand.

However, you will need to put your food in aluminum pans that we provide in order to use the chafing warmer. We highly recommend that you pick up the aluminum pans in advance in Mercy 301 so that your food is ready to go onto the chafing warmer on the day of the Fair.

We will also have a supply package at your table; this will be based on your requests on the registration form. If you need any other supplies that you did not note on your registration form, you can email CIE.

 Step 4. MUSIC

We will be having a DJ at the fair aside from the musical entertainment segment that we will have. The DJ would like to have 2-4 songs representing each country to create a diverse playlist during the country fair. We will be sending out the DJ's e-mail so that you can send your music to. It's best if the songs are currently (or were recently) very popular in the country. The files must be in mp3 and please send ONLY clean and radio edit versions of the songs. Songs should be sent along with the names of the artists and the names of the songs (written using a Latin-derived alphabet and/or with a phonetic pronunciation if necessary). All songs from all parts of the world are greatly needed and welcome. 


As you know the country fair’s purpose is to create and spread awareness to the Loyola Community about our international culture. We want to get Loyola students more involved at the Fair. This is why we asked you to provide interesting Q&As on your form. Before you give out food to students at your table, be sure to ask them one of the questions and give them the answer if they don’t know it.

Step 6. CLEAN UP

Please be prepared to stay at your table until the Fair ends and to clean up your area afterwards. This means to leave the table as it was given to you. Make sure to pick all the trash and take all of the materials that you brought. Do not leave posters or banners on the table. The banner that says the name of your country should also be taken out and carefully folded on top of your table.


On the day of the Fair, we will be distributing Evaluation Forms. The form will also be sent to you by email after the Fair in case you forget to fill it out during the fair. This evaluation is with the sole purpose of improving next year's fair.


You can be reimbursed up to $50 per table for food and beverage items that you purchase. Several hundred people usually attend the Fair, so try to spend your funds on as much food as possible since you will be reimbursed for food and beverage purchases. To get reimbursed, you will need to keep your receipt(s) and present them to the Center for International Education in Mercy Hall Room 301 no later than 5 business days after the Country Fair.

Please let us know if you have any other ideas on how we can get our student body more involved during the fair. If you have any questions please feel free to e-mail or call CIE at 504.864.7550.

Trinidad's Table at Country Fair 2012: