Country Fair Table Registration

Thanks for participating in the Country Fair! Please fill out the form below to register your table for the Country Fair.
Table Representative Contact Information
Table Member Contact Information
Please list the names and contact info for other students who will be participating at the table.
Description of Table Components
Please give a brief description of what you will have at your table, i.e. flags, music, activities, food, etc.
Fun Facts about your Country
For promotional purposes, please list at least three interesting questions and answers about your country.
A VERY LIMITED number of outlets are available, so you may not be able to have access to one.
If you will be providing food, please complete the following section:
Keep in mind that hundreds of people attend the Country Fair and your food will go VERY quickly!
This is the total amount of money you plan to spend on food for your table.
Tables that offer food can be reimbursed up to the reimbursement amount (TBD) per country
Please keep all receipts and submit them to CIE (Mercy 301) within 5 days of the Country Fair.
If you would like to pick up aluminum trays in advance, you can stop by Mercy 301. NOTE: our warmers can keep food warm, but they do NOT heat food!