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Internal Grants

The Center coordinates internal grants with the Office of Grants and Sponsored Programs. Grants are available to faculty members for research projects, professional development associated with their teaching, and funds to bring guest lecturers to the university. 

A call for 2014-2015 proposals will be announced Fall 2014.

University Internal Grants Funded Faculty Projects


2013 Marquette Fellows

Marrquette Fellows Program provides funding for faculty members to devote an entire summer to research projects. These highly competitive fellowships are awarded annually by a selection committee of faculty peers.

Kurt Birdwhistell
Professor of Chemistry

Project Title: "Combining Microwave Energy and Catalysis to Create Pathways to New CO- Release Materials"


Tirthabir Biswas
Assistant Professor of Physics

Project Title: "Exploring Stringy Non-Locality with Large Hadron Collider Physics"


Nicole Eggers
Assistant Professor of History

Project Title: "Kitawala in the Congo: Religions, Politics and Healing in 20th- 21st Century Congo"


Artemis Preeshl
Associate Professor of Theatre Arts

Project Title: "Commedia dell'arte in Shakespeare's Italian Comedies"

Sanjog Rupakheti
Assistant Professor of History

Project Title: "Leviathan or Paper Tiger: State Making in the Himalayas, 1740-1900"

Rae Taylor
Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice

Project Title: "Human Trafficking in New Orleans: Covenant House Data Collection and Analysis"


Successful grant applications from Fall 2013 will be posted to CFI intranet after January 30, 2014.

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The Center also coordinate grants for the Biever Guest Lecture Series.