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The Center for Faculty Innovation was dissolved spring 2016. Faculty Development and Faculty Research Grants offered by the center were also discontinued in 2016. 

Marquette RFP deadline: Will be announced Fall 2018 

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University Internal Grants Funded Faculty Research 


2018 Marquette Fellows:

Marquette Fellows Program provides funding for faculty members to devote an entire summer to research projects. These highly competitive fellowships are awarded annually by a selection committee of faculty peers. 

Benjamin Benus, Associate Professor of Art History, College of Music and Fine Arts
"Mapping the Modern World: Atlas Design at the Container Corporation of America"            

Jaita Talukdar, Associate Professor and Co-Chair Women's Studies Program, College of Arts and Sciences 
"The Culture of Fitness in Neoliberalizing India"

Kimberlee Mix, Associate Professor of Biological Sciences, College of Arts and Sciences 
"Pre-clinical validation of a novel drug target in arthritis"


Jeremy Thibodeaux, Associate Professor Mathematics, College of Arts and Sciences 
"Seeking Optimal Treatment for Dengue Infection"

Nathan Henne, Associate Professor of Languages and Cultures, College of Arts & Sciences 
"Reading the Popol Wuj: a Decolonial Guide"


Laura Murphy, Associate Professor of English, College of Arts & Sciences
"When the Levee Breaks"

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