Instructional Support

The Center provides a variety of support services for classroom teaching.


Upon request, the Center will arrange to videotape your class to allow you to “see yourself in action” as a teacher.  Videotaping is completely confidential; the tapes become your property for your sole use. 

Instructional Design

In partnership with the Monroe Library, Writing Across the Curriculum, and other faculty support units on campus, the Center offers help—through one-on-one consulting as well as workshops—in all phases of instructional design, including research resources, pedagogy, assignment design, and assessment tools.

  • Developing assignments to promote improved critical thinking
  • Incorporating Jesuit reflection into writing and discussion assignments
  • Using writing and revision as learning tools in the classroom
  • Planning, creating, and teaching online courses
  • Using service learning projects to integrate knowledge
  • Devising student-centered courses and projects
  • Creating active learning in the classroom

Assessment Support

The Center is committed not only to encouraging innovation but also to measuring its success—that is, its impact on classroom practices, course design, and student learning.  

Faculty Innovation Lab

The Monroe Library's Faculty Innovation Lab (109) is available for faculty who are working on the production or enhancement of instructional materials. In this room, you have access to Mac and PC workstations and a scanner. Software includes Adobe Web Premium Suite, Atlas. ti, Camtasia, Final Cut Pro, and Microsoft Office.  Please reserve this space using the online room reseration form on the library's home page, or contact media services.

Online Course Design

For those teaching online courses, the Center and the Online Learning Team are available to support those who teach online courses.

All online courses are slated to be reviewed by sub-committees composed by the Standing Committee on Online Education.  Courses will be reviewed using the rubric and rubric narrative below.


Rubric Narrative

 Master Teaching Mentors

Several exeptional teaching faculty from across campus are available for anonymous consultations, classroom visits, and other teaching support activities with faculty on any topic related to teaching.  Please contact any of the Master Teaching Mentors listed below to schedule a meeting.

Dr. Alice Clark, Music and Fine Arts, - 865-3065

Dr. Sue Meninno, First-Year Experience and Sociology, - 864-7122

Dr. Cathy Rogers, Mass Communications, - 865-3297

Dr. Bob Thomas, Mass Communications, - 865-2107

New Faculty Resource Guide

The Faculty Resource Guide is a tool that can be used to access information about various university divisions and key non-academic departments.

Please click here for the Faculty Resource Guide.