Completed Faculty Projects 2013

Dr. Laura Murphy, Department of English, 2013 Marquette Fellow
"Metaphor and the Slave Trade in West African Literature"  

Metaphor and the Slave Trade provides compelling evidence of the hidden but unmistakable traces of the transatlantic slave trade that persist in West African discourse. Through an examination of metaphors that describe the trauma, loss, and suffering associated with the commerce in human lives, this book shows how the horrors of slavery are communicated from generation to generation.

Laura T. Murphy’s insightful new readings of canonical West African fiction, autobiography, drama, and poetry explore the relationship between memory and metaphor and emphasize how repressed or otherwise marginalized memories can be transmitted through images, tropes, rumors, and fears. By analyzing the unique codes through which West Africans have represented the slave trade, this work foregrounds African literary contributions to Black Atlantic discourse and draws attention to the archive that metaphor unlocks for scholars of all disciplines and fields of study.

Dr. Laura Murphy, Department of English "Survivors of Slavery: Modern Day Slave Narratives"

Slavery is not a crime confined to the far reaches of history. It is an injustice that continues to entrap twenty-seven million people across the globe. Laura Murphy offers close to forty survivor narratives from Cambodia, Ghana, Lebanon, Macedonia, Mexico, Russia, Thailand, Ukraine, and the United States, detailing the horrors of a system that forces people to work without pay and against their will, under the threat of violence, with little or no means of escape. Representing a variety of circumstances in diverse contexts, these survivors are the Frederick Douglasses, Sojourner Truths, and Olaudah Equianos of our time, testifying to the widespread existence of a human rights tragedy and the urgent need to address it.

Through storytelling and firsthand testimony, this anthology shapes a twenty-first-century narrative that many believe died with the end of slavery in the Americas. Organized around such issues as the need for work, the punishment of defiance, and the move toward activism, the collection isolates the causes, mechanisms, and responses to slavery that allow the phenomenon to endure. Enhancing scholarship in women's studies, sociology, criminology, law, social work, and literary studies, the text establishes a common trajectory of vulnerability, enslavement, captivity, escape, and recovery, creating an invaluable resource for activists, scholars, legislators, and service providers.

Dr. Jeremy Thibodeaux, Department of Mathematics, 2013 Marquette Fellow  
"Developing A Mathematical Model of Dengue Infection"

Dengue fever continues to be a worldwide health and economic problem, with an estimated 80 million people being infected annually. Currently, no specific treatment exists for infected patients. This project will be an attempt to quantify the effects ofcertain aspects of the virus. For example, it may be more productive to reduce the rate at which the virus infects host cells than to increase the death rate of the virus. This sort of knowledge may serve as a guide for the development of more effective treatments. The goal of this project will be to develop a mathematical model of the dynamics of the infection and then use the model to gain insight into different treatment strategies.


Dr. Lynn Vogel Koplitz, Department of Chemistry, 2013 Marquette Fellow "New C7H7N2X Crystal Structures and Computed Non-Covalent Interaction Energies for Supramolecular Design" 

       “4-Cyano-1-methylpyridinium nitrate,” Cameron A. McCormick*, Vu Nguyen*, Heather E. Renfro*, Lynn V. Koplitz, Joel T. Mague, Acta Crystallographica E69, o981 (2013). 

      “2-Cyano-1-methylpyridinium iodide,” Michael N. Kammer*, Lynn V. Koplitz, Joel T. Mague, Acta Crystallographica, E69, o1281 (2013).

      “2-Cyanoanilinium iodide,” David J. Vumbaco*, Michael N. Kammer*, Lynn V. Koplitz, Joel T. Mague, Acta Crystallographica, E69, o1288 (2013). 


Dr. Carol Ann Macgregor, Sociology,  2013 Marquette Fellow "School's Out Forever: The Decline of Catholic Education in the United States"