Dux Academicus Award

Since 1978 Loyola has recognized faculty from all colleges by choosing one annually to receive the Dux Academicus Award, the highest honor a professor can receive for excellence in teaching and scholarship. Current students, colleagues, and former students nominate the professor for the Dux Academicus and a committee of faculty, students and alumni selects the winners. The awards are presented in January during the President's Convocation. You can find portraits of current and past recipients on the third floor of Monroe Library's, Dux Academicus Corner, located near the main elevators.



2017 Recipient: Dra. Josefa Salmón 

2016 Recipient 

Leslie G. Parr, A. Louis Read Distinguished Professor in Communication and Director for the Center for the Study of New Orleans

2015 Recipient 

William Horne 
Professor of Muisc, Coordinator of Theory and Compostion 

2014 Recipient

Kurt Birdwhistell 
Augustus Elmer, Jr., Distinguished Professor in Chemistry

2013 Recipient

Constance L. Mui 
Rev. Scott Youree Watson, S.J., Distinguished Professor of Arts and Sciences, Professor of Philosophy

2012 Recipient

Patricia L. Dorn
Professor of Biological Sciences



2011 Recipient

Robert A. Thomas
Professor & Director, Center for Environmental Communication Loyola Chair in Environmental Communication


2010 Recipient

Mark F. Fernandez
Professor of History

2009 Recipient


Alfred Lawrence Lorenz
Professor Emeritus School of Mass Communication


2008 Recipient  

John P. Clark
Gregory F. Curtin, S.J., Distinguished Professor in Humane Letters and The Professions and Professor of Philosophy


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