The Boggs Center is working throughout the region with government, employers, adult education providers, community and technical colleges, funders, social services, and community and faith-based organizations to integrate literacy into school, family, workforce, and community revitalization efforts.  Learn more about our partners and programs below.

Our partnerships continue to be a source of strength for the Boggs Center.  The strategic and intentional involvement of national experts on literacy will continue to pave the way for and support the work of the Boggs Center.  During the past year the Boggs Center has hosted visits from most of our national partners.  Our goal is to utilize the relationships that have been formed to continue our growth as a nationally recognized center and to enlist our partners in raising the level of literacy in New Orleans.  

National Partners

Nationally, the Boggs Center is working with the following partners:

  • Dr. Steven Reder, professor and chair of applied linguistics at Portland State University, created and is the principal investigator for the Learner Web Partnership project which supports digital literacy and other training tailored to adult learners. The center is working with Dr. Reder on the new Learner Web program that will provide tutor-facilitated training in English and Spanish to approximately 5,000 adults in New Orleans from economically vulnerable populations to help them participate in an increasingly digital society and economy.
  • National Center for Family Literacy (NCFL) – the Center works in partnership with NCFL to provide quality professional development and training opportunities for local community partners through its annual Family Literacy conference
  • National Institute for Literacy, now the Literacy Information and Communication Systems (LINCS)
  • ProLiteracy America
  • Council on Adult Basic Education
  • Center for Literacy Studies at University of Tennessee, Knoxville
  • Women in Fatherhood, Inc. (WIFI) – Is a national organization of women that have either direct or indirect professional involvement in the responsible fatherhood field.  The mission of Women in Fatherhood is to contribute to and advocate for family and community well-being through the support of positive father involvement and healthy family relationships. 
  • American Library Association (ALA) – The Boggs Center is continuing its work with the American Library Association through its Office of Literacy and Outreach Services (OLOS).  The Boggs Center and OLOS continue to explore opportunities for joint ventures in New Orleans.  

The Boggs Center can identify and connect local and national researchers to form a community-based research collaborative, and host forums and conferences that highlight participant findings.  Thus the Center’s partnerships with these and other national organizations in the field of adult literacy are an asset to both Loyola University New Orleans and the Greater New Orleans region.

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