New Orleans Fatherhood Consortium

The New Orleans Fatherhood Consortium is a collaborative group of organizations and individuals who are fathers or work with fathers in various capacities. NOFC members include service providers/administrators, program participants, fatherhood advocates, fathers and father figures, and concerned citizens. Our research and practice will continue to focus on our objective of lifting up fathers as an asset for growing communities and strengthening families. In present-day New Orleans, the value of fathers cannot be understated. It has been proven and accepted that involved fathers provide significant value to the families and children that they care for. The New Orleans Fatherhood Consortium is proud to be a part of this much-needed effort and we look forward to continued work with our partners and all others with a shared interest in identifying opportunities and supports that enable fathers to be present, engaged, and active in the lives of their children, families, and communities.

Vision Statement

To renew the role of fathers, reclaim our families, and create healthy lifestyles so that our community is strong.

Mission Statement

To develop comprehensive social supports, programs, public awareness, and policies that will assist fathers in reaching their fullest potential.


Raise public awareness of fathering issues through public service announcements and other collaborative activities.

  • Share national and local best practices on fathering.
  • Connect fatherhood policy agendas at the national, state and local levels.
  • Advocate for programs and policy that support the development of fathers while benefiting their children, families and community.
  • Keep a pulse on the issues and voices of men through a participatory action research agenda.
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