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The Boggs Center supports improvements in adult education by providing professional training, advocacy and research to literacy practitioners. What makes the Center unique, however, is its focus on COMMUNITY and the information and resources it provides to every institution that impacts the lives of low-skilled, low-literacy people, from the social service agencies to criminal justice facilities, from community colleges and universities to businesses and public officials. While the Boggs Center provides no direct literacy services to adult learners, its role is critical in providing data and research to policy makers and direct service providers at the federal, state, and local level, as well as curricula and best practices; workshops and forums; professional development to service providers; and plain language translation of critical documents such as charter school applications, health care information, evacuation and emergency information.

Loyola University New Orleans is the Center’s number one partner, providing a major portion of the Executive Director’s salary, its offices in the J. Edgar and Louise S. Monroe Library and other measures of support.

In this era of tightening belts, however, the Boggs Center has engaged in an ongoing campaign to increase its revenue stream.

You have the gift of literacy—take this opportunity to share it and pass it on.

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