Community-Based Research

The Center gathers, analyzes, and disseminates baseline date and updates to a wide variety of end users, from literacy service providers and job training centers, to government entities and resources such as the Greater New Orleans Community Data Center.

It focuses on the following:

Workplace literacy and employment training
This includes related topics of mentoring, resilience, and persistence.

African-American men and boys
This includes fathers and their impact on children, families, and communities; realigning policies to support fathers and fatherhood; and also includes the related topics of mentoring, resilience, and persistence.

Postsecondary transition
An adult, aged anywhere from 16 to 60, takes that all-important step of getting a GED, and then what? Systems are failing to move people from GED graduation to job-training, an associate’s degree, or other forms of higher education, and then into living-wage career paths.  Research is being conducted at the state and national level to understand the phenomenon and create success.

Best practices in literacy
This includes professional development studies, and connection of research and practice; and creation of study circle guides, dissemination of research through study circle guides.

Annual literacy report card
With the Greater New Orleans Community Data Center and with support from regional stakeholders, this report will provide data and indicators that give a picture of the state of literacy – initially in the Greater New Orleans area, but eventually for the entire state of Louisiana.

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