Disability Accommodation Procedures

Student disability accommodations are authorized through Disability Services. An official accommodation form is used to inform professors that a student has an approved accommodation. Professors suspecting that a student has a disability or needs other accommodations are encouraged to refer students to Disability Services.

Procedures for Obtaining Authorization of Accommodations

  • Students must meet with the Director or Special Needs Counselor in Disability Services, Marquette Hall 112.
  • Students must provide valid disability documentation. The documentation must be approved by Disability Services.
  • In addition to meeting with Disability Services and providing documentation, students wishing to receive exam accommodations must also follow the procedures listed below.

Procedures for Obtaining and Receiving Exam Accommodation

These procedures affect undergraduate and graduate students in the Colleges of Business, Humanities & Natural Sciences, Music & Fine Arts and Social Sciences:

  • Undergraduate students wishing to receive test or other class accommodations must get signed Accommodation Forms from Disability Services to present to each professor. It is the student's responsibility to obtain these forms and to present them to the professor every semester.
  • Undergraduate students must return a copy of each Accommodation Form with the course instructor’s signature to Disability Services.
  • Undergraduate students are responsible for notifying/reminding professors that they are going to take the exam with accommodations in the Academic Resource Center at least 48 hours before the regularly scheduled time of the exam.
  • Undergraduate students must also notify Disability Services and provide information about exam delivery/pick-up at least 24 hours before the regularly scheduled time of the exam.
  • Undergraduate students must take exams at the regularly scheduled class time. Note: Disability Services needs explicit permission from the professor to administer a test outside of the regularly scheduled time for the test.

Students in the College of Law

  • Law students wishing to receive exam accommodations must provide appropriate documentation to the Director of Disability Services or Special Needs Counselor in the Academic Resource Center.
  • Documentation should be submitted as early as possible in order to ensure that the documentation is in order and approval obtained prior to the exam period.
  • Verification of the right to test accommodations is determined by the Director of Disability Services in conjunction with the Learning Consultant, a licensed psychologist.
  • Because law exams are graded anonymously, law students should identify to the Associate Dean of Student Affairs in the College of Law, or directly to Disability Services.
  • Law students receiving exam accommodations take their exams on the main campus in spaces provided by Disability Dervices.
  • Law students take their exams at the regularly scheduled time for each class.
  • If law students have an exam conflict, they should follow the procedures outlined by the College of Law, but instead of submitting the Exam Conflict Form to Law Records, accommodated exam law students should submit the Exam Conflict Form to Disability Services by the deadline designated by the College of Law.
  • Disabilty Services obtains the tests from the Associate Dean's office and the completed tests are returned to the dean's office and delivered to the faculty secretaries by the dean's office.

Disability Services provides secure administration of exams in our office and secure pick-up and return of exams taken under our auspices. Please notify us if you have any concerns or questions about these procedures.

Any questions should be addressed to the Director of Disability Services, Richelle Voelker, or the Special Needs Counselors, Kacey McNally and Lisa E. Schmid. We can be reached by phone at (504) 865-2990 or by email rvoelker@loyno.edukamcnall@loyno.edu or leschmid@loyno.edu.