Summer Bridge Program

The Summer Bridge Program allows students to begin taking their first year courses in a 5-week summer session. It also affords students the opportunity to experience life on campus while earning seven hours credit. The Summer Bridge professors are outstanding members of the faculty and work closely with Academic Resource Center's professional staff to provide an excellent beginning to their college career. The Academic Resource Center also provides academic counseling and peer tutoring under the supervision of the professional staff. Students are admitted through the Office of Admissions.

2014 Summer Bridge Program Key Facts

June 29 - August 1


 June 29

Orientation Begins

Please note that Summer Bridge students will participate in the University Orientation which begins Sunday, June 29. Summer Bridge students will meet with academic counselors to register for classes during the Summer Bridge Orientation sessions on Sunday. 

In addition to the regular Orientation sessions on Monday, June 30, Bridge students will participate in Summer Bridge Orientation sessions.



June 30

Bridge morning classes begin


august 1

Final Exams: Last day of Bridge classes

Note: The Summer Bridge Program ends in the afternoon after the last class. Students residing on campus must vacate the Residence Halls by Noon on Saturday, August 2.



Tuition and Fees: $2,300.00

Additional fees for students residing on campus:

  • Resident Fee (Double Room):  $810.00

  • Limited Meal Plan:  $350.00


Note: Summer Bridge tuition and fees are due June 29, 2014 and Loyola offers several convenient options for payment:

  • Cash, personal check or money order may be brought or mailed to the Office of the Bursar, Box 78, 6363 St. Charles Avenue, New Orleans, LA, 70118-6195
  • Electronic check may be made online or by phone to the Bursar and is a free service
  • Credit cards (Visa, American Express, MasterCard and Discover). All payments by credit card must be made through our e-Commerce provider and there is a 2.75% non-refundable fee assessed.

Please visit for more information on paying tuition.


According to federal law, students may not register without evidence of certain innoculations. Please send the Proof of Immunization Compliance form directly to the Student Health Services at Box 179, Loyola University, 6363 St. Charles Ave., New Orleans, LA, 70118. The form is sent to Summer Bridge students in their initial admission packet.


Class schedule

All classes meet Monday through Friday. Tutoring is also available Monday through Friday.

Most classes meet during the morning and early afternoon. The earliest classes begin around 9:00 a.m. and the last classes end at 3:40 p.m.


Bridge classes

Summer Bridge students earn six credit hours for two core Common Curriculum courses and one credit hour for a college-level study strategies course called Protocols of Learning.