Welcome to the Academic Resource Center

Tutoring in the Academic Resource Center

The Academic Resource Center (ARC) is committed to providing a comprehensive academic support system for a diverse student body in all four undergraduate colleges. Some of the services we offer include:

  • Academic Counseling. Academic counselors meet with students regarding individual academic needs. Counseling may include helping them with time management and other study skills, working with them regarding selection of majors, assisting them with scheduling issues, and helping them navigate the university system.
  • Disability Services. The ARC provides comprehensive disability services for all undergraduate students with special needs. The ARC also provides accommodations for law students and other graduate students.
  • Testing Services. The ARC provides space and limited proctoring services for administration of make-up exams. Please read our guidelines for scheduling make-up exams in the ARC (note: make-ups are not given during the final exam period).
  • Tutorial Services. Academic counselors assign students to peer tutors and provide individual guidance to the tutors to ensure that the specific needs of the tutees are met. The ARC offers free peer tutoring for major courses in all four colleges. Students may make appointments with peer tutors by logging-in here.
  • Writing Consultant. The ARC writing consultant provides paper review services for students with disabilities and graduate students in nursing.